by Jessanah

Something has been weighing heavy on my heart.
Last night I sat awake in bed mulling over the scary thought that I take life for granted. We get so busy  that we forget how much joy God wants to show us when we just stop and absorb the moment, conversation, meal, sunrise; the lessons God is demonstrating to us in the everyday-ness of our lives.
Even though discovering God in new ways has been an absolutely beautiful thing, God’s thick presence and conviction about life’s temporality has been so great that I’ve been brought to tears and my knees on more than one occasion.
Alain Botton tweeted something really profound yesterday. He asked “what was the first thing one used to do on waking up before the phone came into one’s life?”. His idea applies to all the things that distract us (not just our phones) and separate us from living wholly and fruitfully.
When I think of waking up, I think of thanksgiving – for a God that is gracious enough to let us come into His courts everyday. I am grateful for a God whose blessings for us are fresh every morning, a God who is as sure and steadfast as the dawn. He is a God of mornings – of fresh starts, new beginnings, clean slates.
The first thing we should do upon waking up in the morning is to acknowledge that we have significance in God’s kingdom. Our first thought should be “God, how can I honour You today?”
The near and heart-breaking reality is that there is a mission field right within our reach with people that are in desperate need of a life alteration. I’m disrespecting people in my world by not letting me know the truth – they need to get right with Jesus.
I don’t say this lightly. People in our community are crying out for meaning, for purpose, for someone to let them know that they are beautiful, gifted and loved. They are our empty, neglected and broken neighbours who are in need of Jesus. When did we become so selfish that we shifted the focus on ourselves instead of others? Since when is this life about our gain, when we lose it all when we die anyway? Why don’t we have eternity mindsets?
I’m afraid for my generation.
We’re waking up to our notifications instead of our bibles. Instead of earnestly seeking God for wisdom and revelation we find ourselves worried about our followers, likes and social circles. Prayer is a word thrown around carelessly instead of an action carried out earnestly.
We’re so indebted to the pressures of this world. We live for instagram moments, facebook worthy statuses – approval from our peers. We buy expensive clothes and define ourselves by the qualifications we hold, our jobs, the people in high places that we can drop into conversation, the brand of coffee we choose to drink
I’m not against social networks (or any of these things) at all. They’re a sphere for interaction and connection, a forum for discussion and stimulation. But, they’re supposed to be just that, a connection, a forum, a sphere. What I am against is the sad and confronting fact that social networks have become the thread holding our modern relationships together. I’m concerned that our generation is embracing a culture that is so instantaneous that we’re forgetting how to interact with each other face to face.
We’re missing the point. In the way we’d filter our photos we’re becoming less authentic and real. We’re avoiding the topics that actually need to be talked about: sex, love, relationships, addiction, suicide, depression… our generation needs to be spoken with, not at.
We’ve been given the mantle to share God’s compassion and love. Often we only preach of His love though (don’t get me wrong this is my favourite topic to talk about), but we hardly confront the reality – if we don’t have personal relationship with Jesus, we’re not going to heaven.
We fit ourselves into the bible and the verses and books we can relate to… we’re comfortable in our complacency instead of being broken daily by our convictions. Instead of falling at the feet of Jesus and dying to ourselves; we’re constantly bombarded with distraction, temptation and prosperity.
I want so desperately to have my heart so lost in God, my prayer so deeply embedded in the living word that loving others oozes out of me. I pioneer to live with gumption and zeal. I’m holding onto the notion that my mornings will be defining for me. I believe that dedicating my mornings to a cause outside of myself will expand the kingdom of God.
Recently, I’ve let life get in the way. I distanced myself from the embrace I knew so well – the embrace of my Heavenly Father. I strived so much that I burnt out. I tried so hard to please man instead of God and found myself floundering.
Despite my shortcomings though, I am always brought to my knees one way or another. I’m always humbled by my human condition. I am always faced with the truth that is Jesus dying an unthinkable death on the cross so that I would know a faith, hope and love flawless and unfailing.
Thank you, for the mornings of my life, God. For constantly reminding me of the reality of life and the value of people. Break my heart for what breaks Yours, my Rock and Redeemer, sanctifier of my soul.