by Jessanah

“I work with the marvels of the hand nearly every day… But one time of the year holds special meaning for me… When the world observes Passion Week… I reflect on the hands of Jesus… those hands that had done so much good were taken, one at a time, and pierced through with a thick spike… Roman executioners drove their spikes through the wrist, through the carpal tunnel that houses finger-controlling tendons and the median nerve… maiming the hand into a claw shape, and Jesus had no anesthetic… Later His weight hung from them, tearing more tissue, releasing more blood. Has there ever been a more helpless image? The disciples, who’d hoped He was the Messiah, cowered in the darkness or drifted away… Jesus chose to minister through scars in each hand. That’s why I believe God hears and understands our pain… He kept those scars as a lasting image of wounded humanity. He knows what life on earth is like because He has been there. His hands prove it” Dr. Paul Brand (surgeon).

Thank you Jesus for taking my past, my present and my future in your hands so that I may have life; and life in abundance. You are the greatest representation of Love.