by Jessanah

you’re so pretty with your sultry eyes
small streets wrinkle your cultured face
and haberdasheries, bakeries, bars sit on the rounds of your chin.
at nighttime you glisten and listen
to patroners on park benches
and buskers down cuba.
in the morning you smell like freshly ground coffee
and ladies wearing eau de parfum
business people hop on buses straight out the shower
and high schoolers smoke in corners.
you’re really pretty with your defined jaw
jutting out on the shoreline with your art-lined wharf
gelato and chairs line the foreground
and lego-looking buildings stand ominous behind.
you’re contemporary with your boutiques and cafes
and you emulate heritage with your museums
and townhouses
graffiti provides a smokescreen for your plain concrete walls.
you’re characterised by your shows, stage plays, films
filling characters with prose and intuition.

you’re so pretty with your sultry eyes.