Paper Crane.

by Jessanah

the instruction manual with a step by step flow chart lay dormant on the breakfast bar. she glanced at it for a second and with hesitance aimed it at the wastebasket. failure followed failure of beautiful paper art. she recognised the different facets of her two toned paper creasing with force. colour exposed and white beneath the surface of the careful form. her situation’s grasp on her ability to change reflected self-pity and uniform of behaviour in the mirror of two-toned symmetry. the traits she possessed wrinkled and crinkled with accident after accident after wrong folds. morals and values forcefully hidden below the stark colour on the the surface of her facade. now they were dyed with artificial colour, unnatural sombre. those dreams and ambitions she carried as a child were folding in on themselves like an origami figure. in one last dismal attempt at a bird she shook the manual onto the floor and folded pure white parchment into a paper crane.