Flicking Through

by Jessanah

I think that it being Christmas Eve gives me the sudden urge to look through old things. Don’t know why, I think the feeling that bubbles up inside me brings me to a place where I’m completely satisfied and content with where I am and where I’ve come in life. It’s funny ’cause as we were cleaning up a bit before Christmas tomorrow my sister and I found heaps of photos of my parents on their wedding day, timeless pictures of my grandmother, snapshots of my sister and I when we were little. And as I lay in bed at the end of this beautiful, blessed day I can’t help feeling thankful and joyous, for being surrounded by people who support me, for being surrounded by people just to do life with.
I went to a Christmas Service tonight at Arise Church. Just sitting in a place of such hope, peace, freedom and ease brought me to a place of complete and utter bliss. Experiencing a love as sweet and tangible as His, definitely helps me to understand Christmas and its serenity amidst consumerism and materialism. I love that amongst this season of chaos and accidents, financial stress and heartbreak, fatigue and wear, we can bring ourselves to a complete standstill on Christmas day. A day full of generosity and food, love and laziness. I’m so thankful this weekend that I can come after my hectic week and sit and be. Merry Christmas.