Fight or Flight

by Jessanah

He waited in anticipation for the right moment on the edge of the tree.
This wasn’t an ordinary leap though. The small bird had a broken wing.
And as the branch raised with the breath of the wind, the bird jumped.
And it fell.
Further than before.

I sat and watched this unreal episode of the cycle of life. I felt so far away from the valleys, hills and trees of nature that usually excited me. I had let the valleys and hills of life consume me in the holes of their artificial beauty. The glass windows stood as a barrier and I looked out of them…in anticipation. Anticipation for something to happen that would spark my hope for the beautiful sun baked hills, the luscious valleys, the immovable trees.

“HERE I AM” – I exclaimed. I was ready to take responsibilty for the way I saw the world. I waited and sighed for an enlightening experience. There it was, in that little bird that heightened my curiosity for everything that was. He fought for flight. What a perfect example of life.