by Jessanah

How selfish that smile is creeping across your face.
Inclusive of all that rebellious mind-boggling deceit.
Seems as though the strings controlling your face like a puppet have ascended back into the sky.
It’s your real face now. You’re moving on your own. Don’t you know?
My spine senses tension and shivers. Goosebumps travel well-nigh forcefully up my back. Stop being such a renegade!
Your rebellion makes me a new kind of anxious. You’re like a hoodlum, only in search of recognition, only looking out for yourself.
Selfishly smiling.
You proceed inconspicuously but we all know your intention. Insidious with pleasure your aura wreaks with misery.
Don’t you know you’re impairing yourself? You’re going to be powerless soon.
Your skin will disintegrate into the earth. You’ll lack all vivacity soon.
Just for one minute will you take the time to disregard your tedious, time consuming, wasteful life?
I’ll take you on a ride out of here. Where you can yell deep within the forests…where you can gain an understanding of the hurt you’ve caused.
Let’s just dance deep within the flora. Nobody can see you now. Who are you really? the mask’s been removed so show me.
Vivacious, unselfish you. Don’t you know? You’ve always contravened renegades – rebellious and out of control.
There you are. You’re who i remember, running through the woods without a care. Running your hands through the fallen leaves, piled on the ground. I’ve missed this.
Obstinate, purposeful. Contemplation of your own pursuit of life’s significance. Finally.